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I am Jessika, a Columbian girl working as full time Russian Escort. I have everything that you desire in your loving girlfriend i.e. compassionate nature, great figure and lovely looks. I am well suited to romance with you after office hours. I will accompany you to dinner dates, official parties and finest places in the city.
After hanging out, I will invite you to my bedroom where both of us can make passionate love with each other. My love skills include deep French kissing, whole body kissing, sensual massage, playing erotic games with you in bed and finally deriving you pleasure through multiple KS positions.
I don’t indulge in smoking and drinking as I don’t like it taste. In-fact, I prefer men who respect woman and do not cross their limits after heavy drinking.  As an escort, I expect to be treated like a lady; hence avoid uncouth men.  I prefer going on date with high profile men such as businessperson, corporate executive etc.
Please call my agency to get a date with me. I would love to be your loving companion for some hours.

My sex story

During my initial days as an escort, I met an Army men who introduce me to hot shower sexual encounter. Till now, it is my favorite sex technique which I frequently use to impress my client.
They army guy arrived on time in my apartment. He was well built 6 feet 2 inches tall and had a rugged face giving him an army look.  He was quite bold and confident just like a typical army guy. First he made a drink for himself to relax his nerve. He told me he was a commander in army and was looking for a company of lovely lady to get a change from his tiring army daily routine
I was wearing a black long skirt with for the event.  After drinking, he came behind me and unhooks my dress. My dress came down within a second and I was standing in undergarments in front of him. He took a knife from his pocket, cut my bra and removed my underwear. I was standing completely nude in front of him. For 5 minutes, he admired my body from top to bottom; I blushed with embarrassment and couldn’t see in his eyes. Gently, he lifted me up and took me to bathroom.
He made me stand under shower and opened its tap immediately. The water was pretty much warm and it was feeling nice when it   touched my skin.  When first drops fell on my skin, I shivered with excitement and he laughed to see my childish behavior.  He hold me tight in his arms, so that I couldn’t run away from him. Looking straight into my eyes, he started kissing me passionately on my lips. We continued to lip lock each other for 10 minutes, then we took a break to take some breath.  From lips, he moved to my long smooth neck and started kissing, biting it feverishly. His lips were moving all over my neck, ear and from that they straight landed on my firm breasts.  Like a child who has got his favorite toy, he started sucking my breasts with full passion. Moving from left to right, he sucked and bite them with full intensity.  His penis was hard erected when he was playing with my tits. I could feel the bulge inside his pants.
I was pretty much excited during this and was desperate to kiss his smooth body. I couldn’t stop my excitement. I was panting heavily and he understood that I was in heat. When he had played enough with my tits, he asked me gently, “Do you want me to play with my body?” I didn’t answer but started kissing his lips passionately. Soon, I was kissing his chest and my hand was inside his underwear playing with his hard cock. I removed his underwear and started sucking his cock deeply. Soon, he ejaculated in my mouth. I washed my mouth and started applying soap on his body. He really liked it when my smooth, soft hands move over his body. He reciprocated too, applying soap all over my body.  Then, we came to the main part of our sexual encounter i.e. physical intercourse. He lifted me up on his knees and inserted his penis inside my body.  Gently, he pushed his organ inside my body, within some moments, he increased his speed and started fucking me with full intensity. I cried with excitement and soon cummed inside my body. We were panting heavily after sexual encounter.
It was quite a unique experience for me and I enjoyed every moment for it. We ordered pizza for dinner and in morning with a gentle kiss on my lips, he moved away from his life. But, still I feel his strong arms, deep kisses and well built body.  As a woman, I still yearn for him.

пятница, 23 октября 2015 г.

Hi Everybody,

I am Nastia, a nude model cum professional escort.  I am natural beautiful having long silky golden hair, natural curves, large pair of bosom and an innocent face.
 I like to play your hot girlfriend in my free time as I am quite fond of romancing. I love attending parties, dinner dates or any other event where you require company of stunning woman by your side. You can also visit me after office hours in my apartment where I will first make you comfortable, then reveal my gorgeous body so that you can get lost making love to me.
 I will give you a passionate kiss once I see you getting into mood.  Simultaneously, I will motivate you to take off my garments, hold me tight in your arms and shower me with soft kisses from top to bottom. I am crazy about anything that involves kissing and touching. Especially when your lips fasten on my beautiful bosom; I start feeling wet between my legs. Finally after much fore-playing, I open my legs apart to take you inside my body.  I am fond of giving you climax through KS and missionary positions.
 Please call my agency or drop an email to get a date with me. I would love to make you happy anytime of the day.

My sex story
Now, I know why French Gentlemen are quite popular among women. The way they woo a woman can make any girl go crazy.
I had a chance of going on date with a French Gentleman. He had booked me for dinner cum bed service. We went to a restaurant to have food initially before hitting in bed.  While having dinner, he told me that he was working for a big corporate firm and had visited first time in Russia. He told me his first girlfriend was Russian and he was deeply in love with her. Due to circumstances, they couldn’t marry.
He told me from her experience, he got to know how gentle Russian women are in nature as well as in nature. He didn’t like European woman much because he find them as cold, money digger and rude too.  In comparison, he liked Russian woman as they are family oriented. He told me he was seriously looking for a Russian bride. I laughed to see his fondness for my country’s women and felt pride being a Russian woman.
After dinner, I drove him to my apartment where we had a really great time.  The guy came well prepared for the evening. He took me to bed, folded my eyes with a black cloth and started removing my dress.  I got excited as his hands unbuttoned my shirt along with pants. Soon, I was in my undergarments. He laid me on bed and started applying oil all over my body. The way he massaged my body was just amazing. I started panting heavily when his strong hands touch my breasts, my stomach and my long legs. While massaging my body, he removed my undergarments too. After making me enough oily, he lay on top of me and start fondling my tits. The way he sucked my tits was so gentle that I really had a lump in my throat. Most men treat our tits like hamburger and attacked them like a hungry wolf. They don’t care about sensitiveness about woman’s body and do not bother at all whether it hurts us or not. But, surprisingly this man really cared. He was quite gentle to me in bed. After playing enough with my tits, the guy started kissing me all over my body. His lips moved over my soft stomach, my legs, my arms, even my back too. He kept on kissing me for at least  one and a half hour without getting a break.   Then, he took a break and massaged his cock well with oil. He parted my legs and inserted his cock gently inside my body. I just closed my eyes to enjoy the moment, the way he rotated his cock inside mine.
Soon, he ejaculated inside my body and in excitement I scratch his back too.  The best thing about French guy was that he was quite gentle to my body, unlike other men who treat us like shit.
After having sex, he went back to his normal routine life leaving behind sweet memories of our sexual encounter.   From his experience, I got to know that why Hollywood actress end up getting married to French guy. Because they are so good nature-wise as well as in bed too.